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Lieu : Lausanne, Vaud, Switzerland

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Tes mots glisse sur ma peau, enchante mon coeur. Elles me font vibrée de désir, réjouisse chaque recoin de mon esprit. Tes mots se métamorphose en note de musique me donne envie de danser.
Je te prends dans mes bras, je glisse mes pas dans les tiens dansé, chanté toi mon amour
Je sens tes mains glissé sur mon corps Je fonds chaque fois que tu me touche.
Mes rêves se croisent avec les tiens. Tu réjouis ma vie à chaque seconde.
® 2004 ProLitteris CH.-8033 Zürich Switzerland


Blogger Sandra said...

Hey Youri, thank you for visiting me, i was checking all your blogs, i enjoyed very much. I tried to find an adress email to write to you, you have so many blogs that i didn´t know where should i post a comment, anyway, you are very welcome to my blog, its a pleasure to have you as a visitor.
Be good...
Greatings from Brazil ;)

2:17 PM  
Blogger Sandra said...

Hello Youri, i got your mail, and i also anwered that, you didn´t get my mail? Well, here in Brazil is getting so hot and i hate it...lol.
I like cold places, can´t wait to move to Canada, i wish could go in december, but i called to the consulate today and they didn´t give me to much hope to get the visa for december.
Anyway, let´s keep in touch, i love when you leave me coments :)
Have a very nice day!!

1:19 PM  

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